Roof painting is the final stage in the roof restoration process for a cement tiled roof. A roof must be carefully prepared prior to coating. We use a four coat process and generally use NuTech roof coatings.

First Coat

The first coat is an extremely fine particle size, wet adhesion promoted acrylic primer coat which is specifically designed for concrete roof tiles. Its advanced formula is designed to promote deep penetration ensuring top coat adhesion.




Second Coat

Th second coat is generally a sealer. This high build sealer is formulated from high quality, adhesion promoting acrylic resins. The high build sealer is designed to adhere to a wide range of roof surfaces including smooth glossy and rough cement tiles. This coat will fill and build the profile of the tiles back to their original state, this will also eliminate any patchiness of the roof.




Third Coat

The third and fourth coats are the colour base and top coats applied evenly using NuTechs paint range. We are extremely proud to deliver the highest quality roof restorations and that can only be achieved by using the highest quality paint on the market.




Premium Products

We use NuTech Paints premium roof coatings on most roof restorations. The most common type of paint we use is their self cleaning “TileFlex 2000.” Nutech TileFlex 2000 is no ordinary roof paint. This revolutionary coating combines advanced technology developed exclusively by Nutech Paint over 30 years, with the special properties of surface cleaning nano technology to deliver superior performance. Nutech spent over 4 years developing the TileFlex 2000 roof coating which will stay cleaner and retain gloss longer than any other conventional acrylic roof coating on the market today.

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