Roof damage is a very common worry amongst homeowners and often goes hand in hand with gutter damage. However, gutter damage can exist for all sorts of reasons, even if your roof is perfectly fine. Property owners should check the condition of their gutter regularly to ensure it’s up to scratch and to avoid complications later on down the road.

Signs of Gutter Damage

How can you tell if the gutters & downpipes in your Melbourne property need replacing? If they have been filling up with water and debris or are rusted out, chances are it’s time to get new ones. The longer these problems have been occurring, the more likely it is that a gutter replacement is in order.

Gutters made of galvanised metal rust out very easily. These days, you don’t see many galvanised metal gutters, but they are very common in older properties. Luckily, gutter technology has come a long way since then. The materials on the market now are made to last, ensuring that your gutters will remain clear and leak-free no matter what Australian weather conditions they incur.

A second reason why your gutters may rust is because they have incorrect fall (which means water can’t fully escape from the gutter and does not flow into the downpipes). When replacing any gutters, our experienced team ensures that they have correct fall and that any existing downpipes are not blocked.

Gutters that sag are pull away from your home are one other telltale sign that you may need gutter replacement. In this case, you may also be in need of new gutter fascia, which are the boards that run under your roof and hold your gutter in place. Roof Guard handles gutter fascia replacement in conjunction with gutter replacement, as well as offering each of these services individually.

If you think there is something wrong with your gutter, downpipes or fascia, the best response is to get to the root of the issue as soon as possible.

How Can Roof Guard Help?

We replace all gutters and downpipes with COLORBOND steel, which is said to last a lifetime. COLORBOND comes in a range of hues and styles that can be matched to your home and/or roof. At Roof Guard, we know the Australian climate well, which is why we only use products that are made to last within this terrain. In any case, we offer a 10-year workmanship guarantee on any gutter replacement project that you bring to us!

But don’t think that just because you are experiencing issues with your gutter, a full replacement is in order. We also specialise in gutter and fascia repair and restoration for Melbourne home and business owners.

We are equipped to handle all sorts of guttering issues, including (but not limited to) the following common concerns:

  • Blockage
  • Leaks
  • Splits & Cracks
  • Mold/mildew
  • Gutters falling away from downpipes
Roof Guard team is also qualified to work with gutters of all types, in all materials, such as:
  • Round Gutters – also known as half-round gutters, look like a semi-circle, a clean & smooth shape that maintains its cleanliness and allows water to flow through it with ease
  • Square Gutters – square gutters are good at dealing with high volumes of water, given their high capacity. They are considered one of the more stylish gutter options
  • K-Style Gutters – straight on one side and slanted on the other, these gutters are sleek, seamless and unlikely to leak
  • Box Gutters – a large, rectangular gutter that sits on the roof. It’s a popular option for being durable and more out of sight than traditional gutters

If are in need of low-cost gutter fascia replacement, gutter repair, box gutter installation or maintenance, or something else entirely, we have the resources and skills necessary to restore these fixtures and keep them clean, sturdy and leak-free.
Gutters Replacement Melbourne

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning is the easiest sort of restoration method and one of our specialties!

It is important to have your gutters cleaned regularly to stop build-up of debris. If left too long, dirty gutters can lead to larger problems such as blocked downpipes and rust. A dirty gutter can be just as bad as a damaged gutter. So tackle the problem sooner rather than later to reduce the chances of future difficulties.

Our qualified roofers can clean out any gutters on any sized roof. Prices start from $99 for single story and $149 for double story.!

We Offer Affordable Gutter Restoration Services All Over Melbourne

If you are in need of a gutter repair or replacement, or would simply like to receive more information on our services, don’t hesitate to reach out. We work all around Melbourne’s inner and outer suburbs to provide the best gutter restoration services at low costs. We will discuss your budget as well as the expense of gutter and fascia replacement in Melbourne before embarking on any project to make sure we can provide a solution that suits your financial needs.

And with our 10-year guarantee, you can bet that you won’t be in need of our services again for a long time! If that’s the case, then we know we’ve done our job right. For any enquiries about gutter and fascia replacement or repair for your local residence or business, get in touch today!

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