Frequently asked questions about roofing

It is an unavoidable fact that all roofs will become dirty and start to deteriorate after decades of being in the harsh Australian environment. Cement tiles will lose their colour and gloss, whilst terracotta tiles will become covered in lichen.

Eventually all roofs will start to leak due to broken tiles, biological growth (moss, mould and fungus), cracked bedding and pointing, storm damage, natural weathering and inexperienced people walking on the roof.

After many years the coating on a cement tile will virtually become non-existent leaving the cement substrate of the tile exposed. If this is left for a long enough period the tiles will weaken due to water absorption and will require replacement.

Terracotta tiles will become covered in moss and lichen over time, this completely changes the appearance of a roof. The moisture in this growth can potentially weaken tiles over lengthy periods of time. The growth can also build up and cause blockages in the water channels on the tiles. This will cause an internal leak resulting in ceiling or structural damage if left unchecked.

Some people will decide to restore their roof purely for aesthetic reasons whilst others will restore to increase the longevity of their roof and increase piece of mind. After all, the roof is on the front line protecting the family and possessions inside.  

The roof restoration process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. There are many factors determining this, they include the amount of repair work depending on the age and condition, the size of the job and of course the weather. For a standard 4 bedroom home it will take approximately 4-5 days to complete the job from start to finish.

We always try our best to ensure that once a project is started, we will continue working on that project until it is 100% complete before starting the next project. However there may be times when this is not possible especially due to weather conditions.

It is difficult to give an exact dollar figure because every roof is different. The best way to get an indication of pricing is to book in a free inspection and quote. One of our qualified tradesmen will organise a preferable time to come over and discuss the project.

We understand that each individual circumstance varies, so we will strive to tailor a solution that will meet your own personal and financial needs.

Yes absolutely Roof Guard is committed to quality assurance and use only the best quality products available.

We are proud in the work we do and don’t cut any corners. Our 10 year guarantee is based around this and if there are any problems with our products or workmanship within 10 years just give us a call and we will resurrect the problem no questions asked.

Yes, we employee fully licenced roof tilers and roof plumbers, we also have fully qualified carpenters on call. Roof Guard is fully insured with $10 million public liability.
To put it simply, you get what you pay for! On an average roof we will apply 4 coats of paint. A fine particle primer, a high build sealer, a base coat and a top coat. To achieve a high quality finish every time for all of our customers we have to do this. Most companies will do 3 coats. They will most likely skip on one of the primers depending on the roof. We have found that nearly all roofs will need both. The fine particle primer is designed to promote deep particle penetration ensuring top coat adhesion. The high build sealer is designed to build up the surface of the tile, when the top coats go on they will cover evenly and there will not be any patchiness. The high build sealer also contains special polymers that restrict calcium salt (found in tiles) from reaching the top surface. If these salts are left to reach the surface of the tile they will severely shorten the paints lifespan. Some of the really cheap companies have been known to do only 1 or 2 coats and even water down their paint.

We are extremely proud to deliver the highest quality roof restorations and that can only be achieved by using the highest quality paint on the market.   

Generally, we do not charge for quotes if the customer knows exactly what they want us to quote on. If we are required to do some investigation work then there maybe be a small call-out fee for our time, this would always be discussed prior to arrival.
Yes certainly, all of the imagery used on this site is our work and showcases our high quality standard and finished results.

We are also more than happy to provide addresses and references from previous projects upon request.

We usually operate from Monday to Saturday. Sunday appointments are available on request. In case of emergency’s we are available 24/7. If an emergency call out is required an emergency fee will be incurred.
We are based in the eastern suburbs but we service the whole of Melbourne and it’s outer suburbs.
We currently accept bank deposit, cheque, COD and eftpos. We are working towards creating an interest free finance plan for our clients but that is still currently in the works.