We’ve all heard about the horror stories associated with roof leaks. One of the best ways to determine whether your roof is leaking is to check for water stains; that said, it can be difficult to know what you should do when you see this.

That’s why we’re here! Below, you can read about what you should do when you notice a water stain on your roof.

Check Your Gutters

Your gutters are usually the main source of water stains and leaks. That’s partly because they’re the main culprit when it comes to problems with any roof. So, how do you check your gutters?

You have to get out a ladder and climb up to look at them. If you don’t feel qualified enough to do so, you should schedule an appointment with your local roofers.

If you find that there is a lot of debris, branches, and grime in your gutters, you should clean this as soon as possible. If you feel that you are qualified enough to check your gutters on your own, you should get the proper equipment together.

One of the most important pieces of equipment you can gather is safety goggles and gloves. This is essential for your own safety. You’d be surprised by how many people get harmed by falling off their roofs to check the gutters. You don’t want to hurt yourself and stumble backyard, so the best is to stay safe.

Check Your Roof

Now, this is an obvious call but if there’s a water stain on your roof you should definitely get up on your roof to check it out.

That’s because you might find that you have broken shingles or tiles that have compromised your home and let water in. If you find that this is the problem, you’ll have another problem on your hands: do you replace your roof tiles or the roof completely?

Call in the Professionals

We’ve already touched on why you should call in the professionals when you’re a little out of your depth, but this section is here to stress that point.

If you’re not experienced enough to know where your water stain is coming from and how to fix it, stop! Don’t tread any further.

That’s because your insurance company can decide not to cover you for DIY projects. As such, you’ll be responsible for the original DIY costs (materials, tools, etc.), as well as the added costs of hiring someone to fix any problems that could arise as a result.

Not only this, but you could severely damage the integrity of your home by trying to fix problems on your own. If you have to tear down a wall or if you have to mess with your roof, you can damage the overall structure of your home; thereby, causing more leaks and damage. If the problem worsens, you can even cause your roof to cave in.


Have you noticed a water stain on your roof? Are you worried what your next steps should be? The subject of roofing, and water stains for the matter, are touchy. That’s because, depending on where the water is coming from, you don’t want to mess with it at all.

Not only this, but DIY projects can end up costing you more in the long run, which is why you should make sure to call in the professionals.

Not only this, but you should check your gutters and your roof for damage.

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