Is your roof in need of major repairs or replacement? Are you wondering what material you should use? If so, metal roofing has likely come to mind. It can be hard to know which roofing is best for your home, which is why we’re here to tell you all about the benefits of metal roofing.

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The Durability

Metal roofing will last much longer than other roofing materials. When your roof is installed properly, you’ll find that it lasts as long as the house it sits upon. Not only this, but metal roofing resists fire, mildew, rot, etc.

This prevents your home from being damaged by external and unforeseen circumstances.

The Weight

Metal roofing is lightweight compared to other roofing materials and significantly lighter than roof tileThe lightweight material is easier to manage; especially when it comes to transport resources and labour.

Overall it can really save you money in engineering and building. If you have an existing roof, you might want to consider installing metal roofing on top of it.


The fast installation of metal roofing allows you to save even more money on the cost of labour. Everyone benefits from fast roof installations because you don’t have to have work done on your home and because the job is easier on your roof.

Fire Resistance

We’ve already mentioned this, but the fire resistance of metal roofing is one of its best qualities. This means it is especially beneficial for safety and reliability purposes, to those living or working in rural areas and grasslands prone to bushfires.

This is because the roofing isn’t combustible and generally has a Class A rating; meaning, it’s classified in the most resistant category. Although metal roofing is fire resistant, you should also avoid placing your roof on materials that are combustible. These materials include wood shingles, which are Class C.

On top of all other practical pros of metal roofing, fire resistance is a safety feature worth taking advantage of for any IMG_2337family home or business.

Heat Conduction

Metal roofing reflects sun from the material. This means your home won’t be exposed to as much heat from the roof and you won’t need to use as much as of your air conditioning. The metal roofing doesn’t insulate well; however, it becomes a better insulator if it’s installed on top of rigid-foam insulation.

Because of this heat conduction, metal roofs are energy-efficient and cost less money.

Optimal in Rain

Having a metal roof during especially rainy months will prove to be useful for anyone who’s worried about leaks, flooding, and roof damage. Water can often seep into your home through the roof if it gets caught on top of your home.

That’s because the water will have nowhere to go and gradually, the weight will damage your home and roof. A metal roof will force rain to slide right off rather than collect and puddle on the roof.

Since metal roofs are slippery and darker tones of metal warm up quickly; thereby, allowing substances to fall from it easily.


If you need a new roof or if you’re having your first roof installed, metal roofing is one of the better materials to use. This is for a variety of reasons; among them, metal roofs are durable, lightweight, fire resistant, optimal under rain, reflect heat in rain, and provide proper insulation under proper conditions.

For your next roofing needs, you should consider metal roofing because the combination of its benefits will save you money and make your household more energy-efficient. For more information on metal roofing services available to you, contact the experts at Roofguard Roofing to clarify your options and gain a quote.

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