Gutters can break down at any moment. Whether it’s due to leaves, branches, or falling shingles, the costs of gutter repairs can be large and expansive. The worst part is that if your insurance company puts you at fault, you’ll have to pull everything out of your pocket.

If you want to know how to maintain your gutters, read our four steps below!

1. Your Safety Comes First

Gutter cleaning can lead to a number of accidents. The good thing is that the majority of these benefits can be foreseen and you can prepare for them accordingly. You should definitely wear strong gloves to protect yourself from hand injuries. Your rain gutters will likely be made out of metal, which can cut you very easily.

You should also have a sturdy and tall ladder. If you cannot secure your ladder at ground level, you should always have someone to hold your ladder for you. Consider wearing safety glasses because these will protect your eyes from any branches or leaves that can come loose.

2. Cleaning Your Gutters

If you want to prevent the majority of repairs you could end up facing in the future, you should make sure to keep up with your regular gutter-cleaning appointments. You should have your gutters cleaned around twice a year. If your property is surrounded by trees, you should clean them more frequently because leaves will be thrown into them by wind.

3. Your Roof

Before you start doing any repairs, you should clean and clear it. This means that if you have any rain, leaves, branches, etc., you should correct the situation(s) before anyone gets hurt. By clearing your roof, you’re preventing anyone working on your roof from slipping and injuring themselves, and you’re also preventing debris for falling into your gutters.


4. Look for Holes, Leaks, etc.

You need to inspect your gutters once everything has been cleaned. This is because before you have the debris removed, it could have caused significant damage to your gutters and roof. Results of debris include gutter failure, rust, leaks, etc.

You should also make sure to check your rain gutter joints because these are the most common parts of your gutters to be damaged. Any holes should be patched up to prevent and if your joints are loose or leaking, you might have to apply caulking or sealant.

If you find any signs of rust you might have to replace your gutters completely because this is a sign of gutter failure and will likely only get worse.


If the time is coming for you to improve your gutter maintenance, you might be wondering how to make the process easier on yourself. There are are a few things that you can do; among them, is to clean your gutters, clear your roof, ensure your own safety, and look for malfunctions in your roof.

Gutter failure can cause leaks within your home and can cause roof failure. To prevent this altogether, read our above guide: 4 Simple Steps to Gutter Repair and Maintenance to make your gutter maintenance that much easier.

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