Having a strong roof is absolutely essential for homeowners. When your roof has been properly maintained, the risk of leaks and flooding in your home are lessened significantly. Not only this, but ensuring that your roof is maintained also ensures that the overall structure of your home is solid.

Below, you can read all about our top tips regarding how you can maintain your roof.

Maintain Your Gutters

Gutter maintenance is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to have a healthy roof. That’s because you gutters are one of the main places to look if you’re experiencing leaks and floods. When your gutters haven’t been properly maintained, grime and debris will quickly collect in them and cause them to fail.

Trim Your Trees

For one thing, you should trim the trees on your property. When your area experiences high winds, leaves and branches can blow into your gutters. This will cause weight to build up and your joints will begin to fail.

Once a single joint goes, you can be certain that the others will because they have to take on extra weight to make up for the failed joint. Within a short amount of time, you’ll find that all of your gutters have failed and you have a leaking roof.

Professional Gutter Checks Once A Year

You should also make sure to keep up with your annual gutter checks. You can have a professional arrive every year to make sure that your joints are intact and that your gutters are in good shape.

You should be aware that even though you hire someone to look at your gutters annually, you should check them regularly. This is especially true if your area has experienced a lot of rain or extreme weather recently. You can simply go onto your roof and look at your gutters to see that everything is working properly. Always consult a professional about anything you are unsure about.

Choose the Right Team

This may not be one of the most obvious ways to protect your roof, but picking the right people to maintain it is essential. When you have a team that you can trust, you know that your roof will be protected.

Roofguard Roofing is fully insured; therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying additional costs if complications arise. Not only this, but we provide our customers with free quotes so that they can see how we compare to the competition. With our range of roofing services, we have confidence in knowing that you’ll choose us to take care of your roof.


Roof Inspections

Your roof itself must be maintained if you want it to be in good shape. In order to do this, you need to climb onto your roof, or hire a professional to do so, after bad weather to see if you confirm any missing tiles or if there is any debris building up.

If you do find that there are missing tiles it is important to have them fixed as soon as possible, to prevent any further deterioration that will involve more serious repairs. That’s because when your tiles are broken, water can easily flow through the missing tile to cause leaks, floods and ongoing damage to the rest of your roof.


Roof maintenance is essential if you want to have the safest home possible. That’s because when your roof hasn’t been maintained, you don’t know whether your home is safe from leaks and flooding.

By using our above tips and tricks, you can have confidence in knowing that your home is safe. If you have any questions, contact us today.

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