The roof is obviously one of the most important parts of any home because it shelters us from extreme sunshine and prevents water from getting into the house when it rains.

However, very few people take the time to care for their roofs. Since it’s exposed to harsh weather conditions all year round, the best way to strengthen it and increase its durability is to inspect it regularly. While you should inspect your roof at all times of the year, focus on having one during autumn. Here are some reasons to get a roof inspection in autumn.

IMG_0885 - Copy1. Objects Mostly Fall On the Roof During Autumn

If you have a tree or trees in your yard, expect branches, leaves and probably fruits to fall on your roof during the autumn months. Leaving them there can have serious effects on your roof. The debris can clog roof drains and gutters, leaving water stagnant whenever it rains. This water can be frozen during winter (depending on where you live), therefore locking in the dirt and blocking drainage systems.

2. You Get to Fix Summer Damages Ahead of Winter

The scorching summer heat, as well as humidity, could break and damage your roofing material. By inspecting your roof during autumn, you can identify these damages and fix or replace them before the cold temperatures and snow of winter do further damage to your roof. Roof inspection also makes it possible for you to prevent any drafts and leaks from your roof by sealing the shingles before winter.

3. The Conditions Are Perfect

It’s a well-known fact that autumn has the ideal temperatures for any outdoor task, including roof inspection. Also, if you’re repairing your roof by installing asphalt shingles, the conducive autumn temperatures facilitate better sealing of the shingles, thus ensuring that they adhere firmly to the roof.

4. You Get to Keep Off Smaller Mammals from Your Roof

Failure to fix any damages to your roof during autumn makes it possible for smaller mammals like possums or rodents to pay your roof a visit during winter and seek refuge in it. They have the ability to sense heat. If they sense that it’s coming from your roof, they won’t hesitate to get in. Additionally, they have amazingly sharp teeth that can gnaw through roof tiles, hence turning a tiny hole into a large entryway.

5. You Save Your Insulation

Roof insulation is under threat if any necessary roof repairs aren’t done during autumn. Attack on your insulation could lead to a rise in electric bills.

Water and moisture from a crack in the roof can affect the insulation. What’s more, it causes mould and other contaminants to grow and if you have an attic or room upstairs, it could affect the occupants’ health in the process.

6. Enough Working Hours

When compared to spring and winter, autumn’s days are longer than nights. This means that if your roof needs replacement or fixing, you have ample time to do it. If you hire a a roofing professional, the job will be done fast and this is both cost-friendly and convenient for you. Also, finding a roofing professional during the autumn months may be easier since weather conditions are conducive.

Don’t Wait

Neglecting roofs can seriously impact the overall condition of your property. For your welfare, as well as that of your loved ones, make it a point to inspect your roof in the autumn season.

To ensure your roof inspection is thorough and any necessary repairs are completed safe and accurately, let Roofguard Roofing handle the task for you. We offer quality and timely services at friendly prices to our valuable clients in Melbourne. Please call us on 03 8738 3451 for more details.

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