High pressure cleaning is the first stage in the “Roof Restoration” Process. We use a petrol washing maching that will clean your roof with 4,000psi of water straight from your garden tap. We use only regular water and no harmful chemicals are used what so ever.

High pressure cleaning is a very important step in a roof restoration. Time and care must be taken to wash every inch of a roof. A cement tiled roof must be washed correctly prior to roof painting. The surface of the tile must free from any dirt or foreign matter for the paint to bond to the tile and have your restoration looking great for years to come. Terracotta tiles will become covered in moss and lichen over time, this completely changes the appearance of a roof. The moisture in this growth can potentially weaken tiles over lengthy periods of time. The growth can also build up and cause blockages in the water channels on the tiles. This will cause an internal leak resulting in ceiling or structural damage if left unchecked. Some people may also choose to wash a terracotta roof purely for aesthetics, as seen in these pictures a simple wash of a roof can make it look brand new again!

Please note that it will get quite loud and very messy during the wash. No need to worry as we take as much time as necessary to clean up all the mess created from the wash. We will make every effort possible to leave your home and surrounding property in the same state as when we arrived.