Ever wondered how much it might cost to restore your roof back to its glory days? Well at Roof Guard we have created a Roof Restoration calculator just for your benefit! Simply fill out a few easy questions and find out a price range of what your roof restoration is likely to cost. Of course, each home is different, but our calculator will give you a pretty good estimate of what you should expect cost wise!

[bt_cost_calculator email_client=”yes” email_confirmation=”yes” currency_after=”yes” m_name=”Mandatory” m_email=”Mandatory” m_phone=”Mandatory” m_address=”” m_date=”” m_time=”” m_message=”” show_next=”” show_booking=”yes” date_text=”Preferred Service Date” time_text=”Preferred Service Time” subject=”Estimated Cost” currency=”$” paypal_currency=”AUD”][bt_cc_select name=”How old is your home?” value=”1-30;0;yrs old
30-50;0;yrs old
50-80;500;yrs old
80+;750;yrs old”][bt_cc_select name=”Single or double storey house?” value=”Single;0;

If your home is a TERRACOTTA tilled roof, please select the number of bedrooms bellow

[bt_cc_select value=”1 Bdr;2000;
2 Bdr;2500;
3 Bdr;3000;
4 Bdr;3500;
5 Bdr +;4000;”]

If your home is a CEMENT tilled roof, please select the number of bedrooms bellow

[bt_cc_select value=”1 Bdr;2750;
2 Bdr;3500;
3 Bdr;4500;
4 Bdr;5500;
5 Bdr +;6500;”]

If you would like your gutters and downpipes included in your roof restoration, please select from the below options

[bt_cc_select name=”Approximate length of guttering” value=”Approx 30m;1200;
Approx 40m;1600;
Approx 50m;2000;
Approx 60m;2400;
Approx 70m+;2800;”][bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_slider name=”Select No of Down Pipes” value_min=”0″ value_max=”10″ value_step=”1″ value_unit=”200″][/bt_cc_multiply][/bt_cost_calculator]